Biocodex is a growing, family-owned pharmaceutical company specialized in microbiota and gastro-intestinal diseases, pain management and neurology. It is a global organization with 1,400 employees worldwide and over €310m in revenues, 70% of which are generated outside of France. Biocodex seeks to accelerate its expansion in international markets through acquisition.

Laboratoires IPRAD is a French family-owned company with revenues of nearly €80m, mainly generated in feminine hygiene and family care. Its brands, which include intimate body hygiene product line Saforelle, are strongly positioned in the French market and have significant potential in international markets.


About Laboratoires IPRAD

Founded in 1989 by Pierre-Marie Defrance, Laboratoires IPRAD is specialized in feminine hygiene and family care product development and manufacturing. The company built its reputation with Saforelle®, a pH-neutral intimate cleanser and a leading brand in the French feminine hygiene market with 6 million products distributed in 20,000 pharmacies.

Headquartered in Paris, with 150 employees and a presence in 50 countries, Laboratoires IPRAD generated €80m in revenues in 2018. It has been growing by around 10% each year and today offers a broad portfolio of well-known feminine and family care brands and gynaecology products, including Mucogyne®, Physioflor®, Gestarelle®, Secnol®, Gidrelle®, Thalamag®, Chronodorm® and Laboratoires Carare.

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About Biocodex

Founded in 1953, and led by Jean-Marie Lefèvre, Biocodex is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory with a large international presence generating more than €300m in consolidated revenue. Initially, Biocodex was focused on gastroenterology, with the discovery of an original probiotic yeast, the first of its kind to have a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora. Today, the group has transformed far beyond its “probiotic” roots, by deploying its product portfolio to a variety of therapeutic areas including gastroenterology, pain management, neurology, otorhinolaryngology and rheumatology, with leading brands such as Ultra-Levure®, Symbiosis®, Acupan, Otipax®, Melaxose®, Circadin®, Diacomet® .

Biocodex is headquartered in Gentilly, near Paris, and has a commercial presence in more than 100 countries.

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