Cleerly is a U.S. based company whose mission is to create digital care pathways to prevent heart attacks by integrating high-quality clinical science with the latest-generation AI.

Using data-driven solutions, the company provides a comprehensive solution for cardiovascular disease evaluation that improves heart health for patients at risk of heart attacks.

Bryan, Garnier & Co was retained to arrange a Series B financing round that will enable the company to scale-up and expand its commercial and operational capabilities.

Proceeds will also empower Cleerly to leverage its technologies to provide holistic assessment of patients’ cardiovascular system beyond coronary artery disease.

About Cleerly

Founded in 2016 and based in New York City, Cleerly develops a healthcare platform that defines a new standard of care for coronary artery disease. Using value-based precision diagnostic solutions driven by machine intelligence, Cleerly enables comprehensive phenotyping of coronary artery disease, as determined from advanced non-invasive CT imaging.

The company's platform adopts an AI-driven approach that supports the understanding of plaques and offers comprehensive quantification and characterization of plaque buildup in the heart arteries. This enables healthcare providers to drastically improve the identification of at-risk patients for early treatment and prevention of heart attacks in a cost-effective manner.

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