Didactic specializes in the development, production, sterilization and supply of single-use medical devices focused on medical and nursing professionals' protection and patients' hygiene and comfort.

Didactic employed 74 staff and achieved sales of EUR 56m in the fiscal year ending September 2020.

In partnership with Didactic's management team, FCDE aims to support Didactic's development and transformation into a European leader for solutions to the prevention of infection risks.

The management team and FCDE share a common ambition to transform Didactic through an active external growth strategy. Didactic will benefit from FCDE's resources and experience in the management of transformative consolidation strategies.

About FCDE

Through its contribution in terms of human and financial resources, FCDE (Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises) supports the development and transformation of French SMEs and mid-cap companies with high growth potential. It brings together the main financial institutions operating in France (Bpifrance, banks, insurance companies). FCDE is managed by Consolidation & Development Gestion (CDG), an independent management company authorized by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the French securities regulator.

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About Didactic

For over fifty years, Didactic has been specializing in the development, production, sterilization and supply of single-use medical devices, focused on medical and nursing professionals’ protection requirements and patients’ hygiene and comfort. Operating under four own brands, Didactic has gained solid market position in France to become a key partner of the hospitals, with its dedicated offer of specialist products and a high quality of service. Didactic’s approach is centred around its clients’ needs and supports them in their daily challenges, notably to prevent nosocomial diseases, as well as in critical situations arising from sanitary crisis. Capitalizing on its core expertise, Didactic is well positioned to expand its range of proprietary products and international footprint.

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