Inotrem is a leading biotechnology company specialized in the development of immunotherapies for acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.

It has a seasoned management team with complementary experiences in large pharma and biotech companies.

Inotrem’s lead candidate, nangibotide, is a Phase IIb compound designed to treat septic shock, the ultimate complication of sepsis, with a mortality rate of 35% in developed countries.

It has the potential to become the first mechanism-based therapy approved in a challenging indication.

Bryan, Garnier & Co was retained to lead a Series B round to finance Phase IIb trial and nangibotide companion diagnostic final development.

The proceeds will also allow Inotrem to further leverage its platform to address chronic inflammatory diseases.


About Inotrem

Inotrem S.A. has developed a new concept of immunomodulation that targets the TREM-1 pathway to control unbalanced inflammatory responses. Through its proprietary technology platform, Inotrem has developed the first-in-class TREM-1 inhibitor, LR12 (nangibotide), with potential applications in a number of therapeutic indications such as septic shock and myocardial infarction. In parallel, Inotrem has also launched another program to develop a new therapeutic modality targeting chronic inflammatory diseases. The company was founded by Dr Jean-Jacques Garaud, a former head of research and early development at the Roche Group, Prof. Sébastien Gibot and Dr Marc Derive.

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