The acquisition of ContazEZ, a leading US manufacturer of innovative dental products in the fields of interproximal solutions, helps Lifco continue to build its dental business in the high-value and fast-growing US market.

Lifco subsidiary Directa Dental will manufacture the products under the ContacEZ name in the US, to maintain the integrity of the brand and its legacy.

This acquisition will ultimately enable significant synergies for both partners. Lifco/Directa customers will see a wider offering of premium dental products, while ContacEZ will benefit from greater market access. This will accelerate and strengthen Lifco/Directa’s penetration of the professional market, in which it aims to become the global leader.


About Lifco AB

Lifco offers a safe haven for small and medium-sized businesses. Lifco is guided by a clear philosophy implying that the company has a long-term view on its holdings, a focus on profitability and a strongly decentralized organization. The Group has three business areas: Dental, Demolition & Tools and Systems Solutions. Lifco was founded in 1946 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The firm is headquartered in Enköping, Sweden.

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About ContacEZ

ContacEZ is a leading manufacturer of innovative products that provide solutions to common problems faced by dental practitioners and ensure excellent patient care. Its products are designed to achieve ideal proximal contacts and complete marginal seating with accurate occlusion, perform safe and stress-free interproximal reduction, remove dangerous subgingival overhangs, and more. ContacEZ is the first and only company focused on developing techniques and solutions for the interproximal space. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Vancouver, Washington.

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