Insect-based products are now taking off as a sustainable alternative source of nutritional solutions for a widening range of feed and food applications. The current momentum observed across all applications is favored by strong regulatory tailwinds in both Europe and US, and an increased awareness across the addressed value chains and end-customers towards more sustainable food and feed solutions.

Protix is the worldwide market leader in insect-based ingredients. The company produces natural and sustainable ingredients from insects and farms larvae from the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). Organic waste from the food industry serves as feed for the insects. In turn, the insects are used in various feeds for pets, fish, chicken, and other animals, just as in nature. In this way, the food cycle closes and insects, as an alternative source of protein, help prevent over-fishing and deforestation for soy cultivation.

Founded in 2009, Protix is one of the pioneers in the industry as a founding partner of IPIFF, and has proven the insect model at industrial scale with the commissioning of the first industrial facility in 2019. Protix’ next growth phase is all about global site expansion, building new facilities, and increasing capacity.

Protix will use the proceeds for further international expansion and ground-breaking R&D. The successful capital raise underlines Protix’ leading position in the fast-growing insect-based ingredients market.

About Protix

Protix is the market share leader in circular, natural and sustainable ingredients from insects. We breed larvae from the Black Soldier Fly. Organic waste from the food industry serves as feed for the insects. In turn, the insects are processed into sustainable ingredients like proteins and lipids. Protix has built the first-in-the-world industrial insect facility and has laid the basis for a broad range of certified applications in feed and food. Protix was founded in 2009 and has been on the forefront of the rapidly developing market for insect-based ingredients. We co-founded the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) to enable EU legislation and we are the first [and only] company in the world with industrial-scale production of insect-based ingredients. Protix stands for change in the food system to secure a long-term future for all.

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