Synergy Sky was founded in 2008 as Synergy Consulting by former Tandberg and Cisco industry tech experts. It released its first software to the videoconferencing industry in 2012 and changed to its current name.

Today, Synergy Sky designs, develops and markets software for all meetings to make them easier for people to join, control and manage. The company has more than 350 enterprise customers globally, including 30 members of the Fortune 500.

Shareholders, comprising the management team, board of directors and employees sought to onboard a financial investor to support the company’s growth plan and strengthen their board position.


About Synergy Sky

Synergy Sky provides software solutions to enterprises with multi-vendor videoconferencing environments, making all meetings easy to join, control and analyse. Synergy Sky has more than 350 enterprise customers globally and its solutions serve more than 60,000 meeting rooms. The recent integration with IoT sensors expands its value proposition to serve regular meeting rooms without video capabilities. The company is cash-flow positive and growing fast, with growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeding 100% each year for the past three years.

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Ole Magnus B. Tenstad

Investment Banking

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Investment Banking

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