Founded in 1996, Oceanet Technology offers hosting and managed services as well as cloud and data protection consulting services. It has a leading position in the West of France and a strong presence in Paris and Switzerland through its subsidiaries NBS Systems and Net4All.

For the past 25 years, Oceanet Technology has provided services to small and medium-sized businesses and major corporations that want to outsource the management and hosting of their IT systems and websites. Oceanet Technology helps its customers set up, secure and improve their cloud infrastructure.

Celeste’s acquisition of Oceanet Technology forms part of its growth strategy in the optical fibre and cloud space. This strategic direction was reinforced when InfraVia Capital Partners, an infrastructure and technology private equity specialist, acquired Celeste in 2019. With this acquisition, Celeste will strengthen its own cloud solutions to better address clients’ needs in managed services while benefiting from Oceanet Technology's well-established cybersecurity expertise and culture.

About Oceanet Technology

Founded in 1996, Oceanet Technology provides a wide range of public and private cloud solutions as well as architecture, migration, disaster recovery planning, support and architectural audit services. As an ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and Health Data Hosting certified company, Oceanet provides complete and effective solutions for data security by leveraging its own datacentres and its expertise in the public cloud to serve more than 4,000 customers in France, UK and Switzerland.

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About Celeste

Celeste is a broadband telecom operator for French and Swiss SMEs, large corporates and public organizations. The group has a strong expertise in telephony, cloud hosting, interconnection solutions, network security and optical fibre. Celeste serves more than 12,000 key public and private accounts, including Banque de France, French Ministry, Air Liquide, BNP Paribas and Thales across multiple sites. The group has been backed by InfraVia since 2019 and continues to develop its business in France and Switzerland through organic and inorganic growth.

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