Founded in 2018, CanPharma is a German medicinal cannabis distributor that integrates pharma-industry best practices to deliver optimal cannabinoid-based treatments to patients

The Company is also one of the few German cannabis-focused companies to hold a GMP manufacturing licence enabling it to repackage, brand and release products into the EU

CanPharma also owns Spain-based Kalapa Clinic, the first medical consultancy in Europe focusing on medical cannabis, currently available online in six languages. In addition to patient consultancy, Kalapa also provides educational training to healthcare professionals

Health House International is a rapidly growing Australian Stock Exchange-listed group specialising in the distribution of medicinal cannabis products across Australasia, the United Kingdom and Europe

The all-stock acquisition of CanPharma provides Health House International with immediate access to Germany, the largest medical cannabis market in Europe, and opens the opportunity for expansion into other European markets - such as Spain - as legislation allows

CanPharma brings a very talented team including successful serial entrepreneurs, pharmacists, physicians and pharmaceutical distribution specialists; one of CanPharma´s management has joined the board of Health House and another has been appointed Group CEO

About CanPharma

Founded in 2018, CanPharma is German medicinal cannabis sales and distribution company that is integrating pharma-industry best practice to build brand and educate doctors and patients.

In Germany, CanPharma imports and distributes third party medicinal cannabis products as well as a number of CanPharma-branded products. CanPharma operates under a full pharmaceutical license according to the German Medicines Act, and is both GDP- & GMP-certified.

In addition, the company owns Kalapa Clinic with headquarters in Barcelona, the first medicinal cannabis consultancy in Europe which provides specialist advice to health care professionals and patients around the appropriate use of cannabis-based medicines in treating a range of conditions.

Discover CanPharma

About Health House International (ASX:HHI)

Australian-listed Health House International (ASX:HHI) is an international pharmaceutical distributor specialising in the distribution of medicinal cannabis products.

The company currently distributes over 11+ products to pharmacies, prescribers, specialist clinics and researchers across Australasia.

The company also supplies pharmacies, hospitals, government departments, veterinarians and other wholesalers with medicinal cannabis and general pharmaceutical products in the UK and Europe.

About Health House International (ASX:HHI)

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