Majorelle is a French specialty pharma company focused on prescription and OTC products in women’s health, urology and family health. Notably, Majorelle has developed the most relevant and dynamic women’s health product range in the French market.

In less than a decade, founders Mehdi and Guillaume el Glaoui have built Majorelle into a unique fully-fledged specialty pharmaceutical company that commands leadership positions in its markets. The company employs 65 people and has experienced over 20% annual revenue and EBITDA growth in recent years.

EW Healthcare Partners is a global healthcare investment firm with close to USD 4bn raised since inception and seeking to make growth equity investments in fast growing commercial-stage healthcare companies.

Majorelle and EW Healthcare Partners have joined forces to grow into a pan-European specialty pharma company focusing on women’s health, urology and family health.

About Majorelle

Laboratoires Majorelle was founded in 2012 by Mehdi El Glaoui with the ambition to become the first pharmaceutical company with a responsible and citizen-centred approach dedicated to the resolution of public health concerns.

Today, it is a fully-fledged specialty pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing innovative solutions in women's health and urology. Laboratoires Majorelle is an established leader in the French oral contraceptives market with the Opti® range and has also dominant positions in urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction treatment with KEAT® and Vitaros®.

Headquartered in Paris, Majorelle currently employs 65 people and is a long-term partner to more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in France, including gynaecologists, urologists and pharmacists.

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About EW Healthcare Partners

With close to USD 4 billion raised since inception, EW Healthcare Partners is one of the largest and oldest private healthcare investment firms and seeks to make growth equity investments in fast growing commercial-stage healthcare companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and technology-enabled services sectors in the United States and in Europe.

Since its founding in 1985, EW Healthcare Partners has maintained its singular commitment to the healthcare industry and has been a long-term investor in over 150 healthcare companies, ranging across sectors, stages and geographies.
The team comprises over 20 senior investment professionals with offices in New York, Houston and London.

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