Founded in 2013, Martha Flora operates specialized private nursing homes in the Netherlands for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The country’s healthcare market is growing, with per-capita expenditure in 2019 reaching EUR 5.8k on average vs. EUR 4.1k for European OECD countries.

Martha Flora’s shareholders needed a strategic partner to support the company’s development in the Netherlands. Its new shareholder, French company DomusVi, is a healthcare company with a turnover of EUR 1.6bn and activities in six countries.

Martha Flora currently has ten facilities, with a further four planned for Dordrecht, Goes, Hulsberg and Oegstgeest. By the end of 2025, Martha Flora aims for a nationwide network of 25 locations.

Martha Flora's mission remains unchanged: to provide residents with the very best dementia care so that they can continue to live life to the best of their ability and have all the space they need to be themselves. Management will remain in its current form and composition. Martha Flora's care concept and the way in which it puts it into practice will also remain unchanged. DomusVi sees Martha Flora’s approach as distinctive and aims to implement it as widely as possible in its organization.


About Martha Flora

Martha Flora is a Dutch company established in 2013 in the Netherlands by Marco Ouwehand. It operates specialized private nursing homes for elderly clients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Martha Flora currently operates 10 high-end nursing villas across the country with a total capacity of 245 beds. Each unit has a capacity of between 12 and 30 residents.
Martha Flora has developed a unique, scientifically based high-end boutique concept based on real attention and contact with the residents.

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About DomusVi

DomusVi is the third largest private group of care and services for the elderly in France. The Group is among the leading providers of accommodation, assistance and care to people impaired due to age or illness in Spain, in France, Portugal and in Latin America. With close to 400 nursing homes, more than 20 senior residential homes, more than 20 psychiatric clinics and centers for the disabled, and 60 homecare agencies, DomusVi provides a comprehensive range of quality services to its 75,000 customers in Europe and Latin America. Our more than 40,000 employees worldwide are committed to deliver quality service and provide customer satisfaction.

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