XVIVO is a medical technology company focused on developing optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation and perfusion in connection with transplantation. XVIVO is the first global all organ company, developing both solutions and machine perfusion technology. XVIVO is the world leader in lung and liver with a promising heart and kidney product portfolio.

The company collaborates with transplant teams with the mission to increase survival rates of patients awaiting transplantation by providing solutions and systems that can improve the transplant process outcome and expand the pool of transplantable organs, with the ambition that nobody should die waiting for a new organ.

The capital raise proceeds will be mainly used to finance the acquisition of US-based STAR Teams, a data driven organ recovery company with subscription-based revenue from transplantation clinics across the US. By now welcoming Star Teams, the XVIVO group takes a significant step to build a transplant powerhouse and horizontally integrate the disperse value chain of organ transplantation, being able to offer its customers the most comprehensive offering, spanning from organ recovery to state-of-the-art perfusion technologies

The initial purchase price for 100 percent of STAR Teams’s shares equals USD 12.61 million paid in cash upon completion of the transaction, and one additional potential earn-out payment of up to USD 13.75 million, paid out earliest in 2024.


Founded in 1998, XVIVO is the only medical technology company dedicated to extending the life of all major organs - so transplant teams around the world can save more lives. Our solutions allow leading clinicians and researchers to push the boundaries of transplantation medicine. XVIVO is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has offices and research sites on two continents. The company is listed on Nasdaq and has the ticker symbol XVIVO.

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Investment Banking Head of Nordic Operations

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Equity Capital Markets

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Investment Banking

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Equity Capital Markets

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