Bryan, Garnier & Co acts as Sole Placement Agent for Jahia’s €25m Growth Financing Round

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Paris, February 10th, 2014 – The disruptive open-source enterprise software vendor announces a €25m investment from Invus, a leading global growth capital investor.

Over the recent years and without any external financing, Jahia has successfully emerged as one of the very few upstart open-source European software vendors able to address high-end US and European enterprise software markets. In the backyard of the incumbent software vendors such as Adobe, Oracle or OpenText, the company has managed to convince large and sophisticated accounts such as the European Parliament, Samsung, Sodexo, Europcar, Abercrombie & Fitch, or HomeAway to manage their digital presence on its platform. These achievements as well as Jahia’s consistent technology vision since its foundation, have recently put the company at the forefront of the market, Jahia being recognized by the leading industry analysts as the reference User Experience Platform (“UXP”), the new generation of Enterprise software for mobile and digital agility. This significant round of financing provides Jahia with the means to fund growth on a global scale, aiming at market leadership in its industry. It will enable Jahia to increase its market awareness, accelerate its distribution strategy and partnerships, and strengthen its presence in several countries, especially in North America and Europe – both markets where it already has offices.

Bryan Garnier & Co, acted as sole private placement agent for this transaction. “Bryan Garnier & Co’s goal is to support growth companies for the long run, at each stage of their development. Jahia’s track record without any external financing has been exceptional. The company attracted significant interest from leading venture capitalists in Europe and in the US. The management found in Invus the adequate partner to support an ambitious global plan for the Company” stated Greg Revenu, Managing Partner and co-founder of Bryan, Garnier & Co.

Beyond the huge satisfaction of the completion of the round of financing in itself, I must stress the game-changing relationship that the Bryan Garnier & Co’s team has brought into this journey. I can’t think how better we could have been supported and guided throughout this process. They provided us with an outstanding commitment, an unwavering purposefulness and slick adaptability that allowed us to complete this round in an unprecedented swiftness with the best-fitted investor possible” praises Elie Auvray, CEO and President of Jahia.

Invus, the investor behind some of the most successful industry disruptions, will bring a strong support to the company management to turn the technology excellence of Jahia into a global leader in the rising UXP market. Raymond Debbane, CEO and President of Invus stated “Jahia fits perfectly well with our motto: Equity investors in companies who seek to transform their industries. Not only do they have an incredibly strong technology and the proven ability to deliver a complex yet versatile solutions to the most demanding organizations, but the vision of their management is – and has always been – firmly rooted into the will to transform a siloed industry into a user-driven one, beyond technology constraints”. UXP fundamentally disrupts the old siloed application approach to finally put consumer needs at the core of digital strategies since its stems from the needs of major organizations to offer customers unified digital interfaces that interact with their applications (business, marketing, CRM, web, mobile, social, etc…).

With an external investment of €25m, Jahia signs one of the largest initial growth capital round of financing for a European enterprise software company. For the past 18 years, Bryan, Garnier & Co has been one of the leading European private placement agents for growth capital, with more than 50 transactions led, including late-stage venture, development stage financings, as well as PIPEs. In H1 2014, Bryan, Garnier & Co led the €100m private placement for Mérieux NutriSciences, the largest European growth equity financing in the healthcare sector. Recent growth financing transactions led by Bryan, Garnier & Co include the €32m IPO of Bone Therapeutics on Euronext, the £100m IPO of Quantum Pharma on the LSE, the $133m IPO of DBV Technologies on Nasdaq.

About Jahia

Jahia is an open-source User Experience Management solutions vendor, relentlessly working at transforming a siloed industry into a user-driven one, beyond technology constraints. Each solution provided by Jahia stems from Jahia’s Digital Industrialization vision: to streamline Enterprise digital projects across all channels and truly accelerate corporate-wide deployments, by bridging the IT/Marketing lifecycle gap.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Jahia Solutions Group has its North American headquarters in Washington DC, with offices in Chicago, Toronto and throughout Europe. Jahia counts hundreds of global brands and governmental organizations among its loyal customers, in more than 20 countries across the globe. Early 2015, the company announced its first round of funding from Invus for €20 million.


About Invus

Since 1985, Invus has been an equity investor in companies who seek to transform their industries. Invus partners with owner-managers of private and public companies to help them achieve extraordinary business performance. Over its 30 year history, Invus has achieved both cash on cash multiples and annual internal rates of return that are at the very top of the private equity industry. Today Invus manages assets over $5 billion through an evergreen fund structure and has offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. Invus has invested in companies across a wide range of industries including consumer products and services, food, speciality retail, software, biotech, medical devices and products and services to professionals.


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