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Bryan, Garnier & Co acts as the Sole Financial Advisor to ADIONICS and its shareholders successfully completing $27m Series B led by SQM, a worldwide leading lithium producer

ADIONICS, the cleantech pioneer in eco-friendly lithium extraction, secures a $27m Series B funding

Founded in 2012, ADIONICS has been developing a direct lithium extraction (DLE) process that improves global lithium production. This technology not only increases the productivity of lithium mining but also streamlines the associated value chain and allows a significant reduction in the overall environmental footprint of Li-ion battery manufacturing and recycling. ADIONICS is confirming its ambition to become the leader in DLE technologies.

ADIONICS is transforming the mining industry with a technology that significantly improves the operational efficiency and promotes environmental sustainability. The company’s proprietary process can recover up to 99% of lithium chloride from brines – a leap forward in resource valorisation. The Company has led a successful deployment of pre-industrial size pilots with major actors of the Lithium world and checked, in real conditions, the validity of its process, as well as the purity of lithium salt directly extracted from brine (up to 99% of Li purity & yield).

With the completion of its Series B financing, ADIONICS is now ready to make the critical step-up from an R&D-focused company to an industrialization-focused company. The secured funding will fuel ADIONICS’ ambitious strategy, including commercial expansion, R&D continuation, and workforce growth.

Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as the Sole Financial Advisor to ADIONICS and its shareholders on its $27m Series B fundraising led by strategic investor SQM, one of the biggest lithium producers in the world, alongside existing investors Bpifrance via the PSIM funds, Supernova Invest, Céleste Management and Ovive

Bryan, Garnier & Co organized, prepared and led a tailor-made process involving selected strategic players and highly-qualified international VCs, family offices, impact funds, and growth investors enabling the Company to choose its best partner going forward to achieve its ambitions.

This marks another landmark transaction for Bryan, Garnier & Co’s energy transition & sustainability practice and is a further demonstration of our expertise in advising emerging technology players in the field of sustainable industrial solutions. Other notable cleantech transactions include the €20m Series C fundraising of Shark Solutions (recycling technology and solutions) led by AXA Investment Managers Alts’ Impact Fund, the €50m private capital raise of Protix (insect-based protein and ingredients) with ECBF, BNP Paribas, and other investors, the €110m IPO of Lhyfe (producer and supplier of green hydrogen) including a strategic investment from EDP Renewables, and the €126m IPO of Waga energy (biomethane producer from landfill gas) including strategic investments from Vitol, CMA CGM, and Viva Energy.

“We're thrilled to welcome SQM as a strategic investor in ADIONICS, a testament to our DLE technology performance and team dedication. Bryan Garnier connected us to the most fitted strategic and financial investors enabling us to find the best partner to achieve our ambitions. With SQM onboard, we're poised for industrialization scaling up and contribute to a greener future.”

— Gabriel Toffani - CEO at ADIONICS

ADIONICS is at the forefront of lithium extraction advancements, offering a revolutionary approach that meets the needs of today’s mining professionals. Our company specializes in a closed-loop, liquid-liquid extraction process that efficiently and sustainably recovers lithium salts from various brines, including continental, geothermal, or produced water. What sets our technology apart is the use of our proprietary Flionex® system, a highly customized fluid that acts like a key to unlock and extract lithium without the need for traditional reagents. This patented process not only achieves high lithium recovery rates but does so with minimal water usage and environmental impact, marking a new era in resource recovery. Our commitment to reagent-free, sustainable technology ensures a cleaner, greener approach to lithium mining.

SQM is a global company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Santiago Stock Exchange (NYSE: SQM; Santiago Stock Exchange: SQM-B, SQM-A). SQM develops and produces diverse products for several industries essential for human progress, such as health, nutrition, renewable energy, and technology through innovation and technological development. The Company aims to maintain its leading world position in the lithium, potassium nitrate, iodine, and thermo-solar salts markets.