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Bryan, Garnier & Co acts as the sole financial advisor to the shareholders of Tinqin on their recent sale to be ys

Founded in 2013 by Jean-Charles Miginiac and François Miginiac and headquartered in Sofia, Tinqin is a French IT services provider with expertise in digital transformation, ERP deployment, and urbanization. Its strong track record in the social welfare and insurance sector has made it a trusted partner for major companies.

For Tinqin, the acquisition by be ys represents a significant opportunity to expand its business and access new resources, fueling its continued growth. By joining forces with be ys, Tinqin can leverage its expertise in digital transformation, ERP deployment, and urbanization to enhance its offerings and expand its reach.

Through this acquisition, be ys aims to reinforce its position in the social welfare and insurance sector and further accelerate the development of its data offering. This sale marks an important moment for both companies and the IT services sector in France, representing a strategic move for Tinqin and highlighting the continued growth and development of the industry.

Bryan, Garnier & Co conducted a competitive process involving strategic and financial investors to ensure that the shareholders of Tinqin obtained the best possible outcome for their company.

This deal marks another landmark transaction for Bryan Garnier & Co in the IT services sector. Notable transactions executed by Bryan, Garnier’s team in the sector include the sale of Oceanet Technology to Celeste, the sale of Metsys to European Digital Group, the minority investment by Andera Partners in Artemys, the acquisition of Sodifrance by Sopra Steria, the sale of Sword France to Argos Wityu, and the sale of a minority stake in Intys Consulting to Omnes Capital.

Founded in 2013 by Jean-Charles Miginiac and François Miginiac and headquartered in Sofia, is a French IT services provider that supports social welfare and insurance customers through a comprehensive portfolio of expertise in digital transformation, ERP deployment, and urbanization.

Founded by Laurent Caredda, is an international group of experts in the management and protection of corporate and personal data. Its activities are focused on digital trust services, business process outsourcing, and specific business solutions (Insurance, Health, Payments). be ys is organized into seven specialized subsidiaries, providing customers with state-of-the-art technological tools that allow for the control of digital identity and the processing of personal data flows.