Bryan, Garnier & Co advised COLDWAY, specialist in thermochemistry solutions, through a € 9.3M Private Placement

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Paris, June 13th, 2013 – Bryan, Garnier & Co announced the closing of a €9.3M private placement for COLDWAY, one of the leaders in the temperature-controlled equipment market.

Founded in 2001, COLDWAY offers innovative and integrated solutions to secure the cold chain. Thanks to its efficient and environmentally friendly proprietary technology in thermochemistry, COLDWAY is one of the main players in the temperature-controlled equipment market, focusing on significant markets such as health, food and transport industries. The solutions developed and marketed by COLDWAY both meet safety and cost-control requirements of the industry.

Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as an exclusive financial advisor to the company’s shareholders and management. The capital increase mainly aims at ensuring the industrial deployment of the different product lines and accelerating COLDWAY’s commercial development in France and abroad.

Laurent Rigaud, COLDWAY’s CEO, stated: “We are very pleased to announce this private placement that will allow COLDWAY to finance its growth and to adapt manufacturing processes to meet our industrial partners’ current requirements. This also proves the investors’ interest in a cutting-edge technology that delivers a real industrial response to the most demanding customers in all industries where cold control is critical, while respecting their cost constraints and the environment”

“Cold chain control, both in terms of safety and respect of the environment, has become a major issue for the industry and the global economy. The industrialization of this revolutionary technology was a key element in our decision to invest in COLDWAY. In addition, their promising global contracts with major industry players have convinced us to back this very innovative and commercially active company “, added Gilles Schang, Investment Director at CDC Entreprises.

Jean-Christophe Renondin, Managing Director at Bryan, Garnier & Co, said: “COLDWAY’s robust, simple, and efficient temperature-controlled technology convinced us that COLDWAY would very quickly become a major player in its field. The business potential of its wide and diverse applications has strengthened our conviction to advise the management on this capital raise that will permit the industrial and commercial deployment of COLDWAY’s innovative products.”

 For more information, please contact:

Jean-Christophe Renondin / Managing Director – Corporate Finance / +33 1 56 68 75 04 /

Christian Finan / Director – Corporate Finance / + 33 1 56 68 75 30 /

Asmae Riadi / Analyst – Corporate Finance / +33 1 56 68 75 28 /

About Coldway®

Founded in 2001, COLDWAY’s mission is to provide integrated solutions to secure the cold chain. With its innovative technology in thermochemistry, COLDWAY is a leading actor in the temperature-controlled equipment markets: health, transport, and food industries. COLDWAY’s solutions meet manufacturers’ both safety and cost control requirements. COLDWAY’s innovative technology is clean and represents a technological revolution for all industries where cold chain control is critical in terms of risk management.


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