Bryan, Garnier & Co advises Infinited Fiber Company, a circular fashion and textile technology company, on a EUR 40m Private Placement led by Tier-1 apparel companies

Infinited Fiber Company is a circular fashion and textile technology company founded in 2016 aiming to transform the traditional materials flow of the fashion and textile industry into a circular economy.

Infinited Fiber Company has developed a proprietary recycling technology to transform textile waste or other cellulose-rich waste into InfinnaTM fiber, a new, premium quality 100% circular and sustainable regenerated textile fiber with the same look and feel as virgin cotton.

The company benefits from the broadest feedstock available, including cellulose-containing products (paper, cardboard, etc.) and some agricultural residues in addition to textile waste.

Infinited Fiber Company technology has been validated by more than 5 years of operations at demo and pilot plant stage.

Driven by a regulatory environment becoming increasingly stringent and new beliefs in consumer behavior, brands are now posting ambitious targets to make sustainable fibers a key component in their sourcing of textile. Leading brands like Adidas, H&M, Inditex, Patagonia and Tommy Hilfiger have already brought collections made of InfinnaTM to the markets.

Bryan Garnier & Co led a thorough worldwide search of the best strategic partners for Infinited Fiber Company, as well as highly qualified international VCs, family offices, impact funds and growth investors to enable the company to achieve its ambition.

On the back of a competitive process, new investors chosen include Inditex Group, the parent company of Zara and other brands, and TTY Management B.V., an asset management company privately owned by Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO of Fast Retailing (the owner of UNIQLO). Leading outdoor clothing manufacturer Youngone (YOH CVC Fund 1 Limited Partnership) and Japanese premium sportswear manufacturer Goldwin (GOLDWIN Play Earth Fund Investment Limited Partnership) are also among the new investors who joined.

In addition, the company also received support from existing shareholders including leading apparel companies such as H&M Group, Adidas, Bestseller and Zalando as well as investment companies VTT Ventures, Security Trading and Nidoco AB providing strong and continued support.

Infinited Fiber Company is a Finnish technology and fashion company with a patented technology that turns cotton-rich textile waste, such as worn-out t-shirts, jeans, and production scraps into Infinna™, a virgin-quality, versatile textile fiber with the soft and natural look and feel of cotton. Infinna™ is biodegradable, contains no microplastics, and at the end of their life, garments made with it can be recycled in the same process together with other textile waste, enabling circularity in fashion.