Bryan, Garnier & Co successfully advised Influe shareholders in their merger with Generix

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This transaction gives birth to one of the mot important software editor in France and a major actor in the Retail business

Paris, 23rd march 2007 – Bryan, Garnier & Co, the paneuropean Investment Bank for emerging growth companies, announced the acquisition of Influe-Illicom by Generix, a listed company on Euronext C. Bryan, Garnier advises Influe shareholders on this merger. Following the signature of the agreement between the two companies last November, the transaction obtained this week the approval of the “Autorité des Marchés Financiers” and has been closed following the vote of the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Bruno Tourme, Managing Director of Bryan, Garnier & Co in charge of the Technology and of this transaction commented: « After working with companies like Cast Software, Access Commerce or Divalto during the last months and expecting future announcements in this sector, Bryan, Garnier & Co confirms its status as a leading Investment Bank in the area of Technology and notably of Application Software. We have close relationships with most of the major actors in this industry at both domestic and international level, which constitutes a key success factor to lead M&A operations in a highly fragmented sector. Currently in France, all major associations representing French software editors like Afdel or Syntec are working on ways to create French players able to compete with US companies, we are thus particularly proud to be a part of the emergence of such a company in France. »

Influe shareholders, of which Maël Barraud and Corine Lemeunier, founders and respectively CEO and Financial Director and the venture capital fund Galileo Partners are bringing their shares to Generix for a € 6 m in cash and 36 millions of new shares. Considering today’s share price of Generix of € 0.73, this transaction is estimated at € 32 m, whereas the Company achieved € 21.7 m of sales in march 2006. Influe-Illicom shareholders will own 27.4% of Generix post transaction while Generix will remain controlled by the Investment holding Before. Maël Barraud will be appointed as the President of the Supervisory Board and Jean-Charles Deconninck will remain the CEO of Generix.

The acquisition of Influe, EDI specialist, an inter company transactions expert and Generix, ERP editor dedicated to Retail and specialist of intra company flow execution, will enable the emergence of the French leader in Software dedicated for Industry and Trade. The new Company will count more than 400 persons and achieve revenues of € 50 m at the end of 2007. The new Company will integrate the top 15 of Software editor in France.

Jean-Charles Deconninck commenting the transaction: “An industrial project is at the heart of this transaction. Our ambition is to address actors from Distribution, Trade and Transportation with a software platform enabling treatment and synchronization of physical flows (replenishment management, logistics, and traceability) and logics (invoicing, information transmitting and dematerialization) of data.”

The acquisition enables Generix to reach a critical size considering the consolidating market and achieve synergies in Research and Development, enabling the new company to significantly increase its return. On the commercial side, the internationalization of its portfolio of clients will be a major benefit for Generix.

After the IPO of 1855 and the capital increase led for the account of Sword group, this transaction underlines the ability of Bryan Garnier to work with its clients on every types of transaction and notably on significant M&A deals that implies listed industrial actors like Generix

For further information:

Bruno Tourme, Managing Director / +33 1 56 68 75 28 /
Guillaume Durao, Associate / +33 1 56 68 75 87 /

About Influe-Illicom

Resulting from the merger between Influe and Illicom, Influe-Illicom is a major actor of data integration and management of technical process (EDI, B2B, ETL and EAI) including fiscal dematerialization of invoices and management of collaborative process such as goods replenishments management, web EDI and  B2B portals, data synchronization and electronic catalogue management.


About Generix

Founded in 1990, Generix develops Generix Collaborative Enterprise, a business oriented software. Through the development of purchase, selling, finance, supply chain, and e-business modules, Generix accompanies the Distribution actors to face the challenges met by this Industry. The completeness of the offer composed of applicative module (central, shops, logistics, finance, selling, CRM…), is guarantying to each company a flexible evolution of its information system.


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