Bryan, Garnier & Co successfully advises the sale of ORNIS to RISC Group

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Paris, September 26th, 2007 – Bryan, Garnier & Co (Bryan Garnier), the pan-European Investment Bank for emerging growth companies, announces the acquisition of ORNIS by RISC Group, a listed company on Euronext (Euronext: RSC) for EUR 35 million in cash. Bryan Garnier advised the transaction which consisted in the sale of 100% ownership of ORNIS’ shareholders – including IRIS Capital, Elaïa Partners, SGAM AI, Crédit Agricole Private Equity and the management team – to RISC Group.

ORNIS is headquartered in Courbevoie, in the suburbs of Paris. The company employs over 100 professionals and provides its clients with a range of managed IT services and telecom solutions, thanks to a state-of-the-art proprietary technical platform based on “best of breed” components. Services and solutions provided by ORNIS include network supply, protection and administration, back-up and restoration of on-line data, Application Service Provider (ASP) aggregation including secure Email systems (Microsoft Exchange) in fully mutualised Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, Telephony over IP (ToIP) based on NetCentrex technology, Hosting and administration of critical servers and databases.

In 2006, ORNIS achieved EUR 17 million of revenues (pro-forma) and a net income of over EUR 1 million.It forecasts EUR 22 million of revenues for 2007. The company benefits from recurrence on the major part of its revenues.
The acquisition of ORNIS will help RISC Group to enhance its ability to service the IT and communications needs of European SMEs. It will notably enable the group to strengthen its presence in the Managed IT Services sector and accelerate its development strategy on the Telephony-over-IP market. The new company will benefit from numerous operational and sales synergies. Thanks to a high mutualisation coefficient of ORNIS’ technical infrastructure, RISC will notably benefit from substantial productivity gains by leveraging ORNIS’ solutions on its existing client base.

For more information, please contact :

Annabelle Peltre
+33 1 56 68 75 37

About Ornis

Founded in 1990, Ornis is a Managed Services company (IT and telecommunications “net generation”) positioned at the heart of convergence, offering businesses a range of network infrastructure and remotely managed application services (ASP or SaaS aggregator) so that they can optimize the functioning of their Information and Communication Systems at the least cost. Ornis is one of the few French players in the sector to own and operate a technical platform « Global Services » that can aggregate a large number of products and services adapted to businesses’ new requirements. Only based on “Best of Breed” components, the upgrade ability of the company’s technical platform ensures companies to always be up to date with a constantly evolving IT environment. In addition of its Telephony-over-IP solutions, Ornis also holds a global voice-data telecoms operator’s licence that allow it to be inter-connected with the largest telecom operators. With around 1,500 client, Ornis expects over EUR 20 million of revenues in 2007. The company is profitable.


About Risc Group

Founded in 1992 and listed on Euronext, Risc Group is a leading provider of managed and professional backup and security services for small and medium-sized companies in Europe. The company operates in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain. It offers organizations a complete set of services within the field of data protection and recovery, including remote automatic backup services, managed antivirus, managed firewalls, managed spam blocking, and managed emails. With more than 26,000 clients, Risc Group achieved over EUR 39 million of revenues in 2006/07.


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