Bryan, Garnier & Co advises mc²i Groupe on its capital reorganization around its top management team, key managers and Indigo Capital

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Paris, April 14thth, 2015 – mc²i Groupe, leading independent IT Consulting firm (EUR45 million revenue; 450 consultants), announces its capital reorganization is enabling the Group and its key managers to pursue its fast growth.
After 4 years alongside Naxicap Partners’ Atria Fund, when ambitious projects have been achieved (turnover and staff multiplied by two, strengthening of its leadership on its historical businesses, creation of business offerings dedicated to new verticals with high growth potential, opening of mc²i UK), the management team of mc²i Groupe takes control of the Group.
The management team – comprising about sixty directors and associate managers – is now backed by Indigo Capital France. Bryan Garnier, & Co was the financial advisor of mc²i Groupe on this transaction.
With this transaction, mc²i Groupe, which reported a turnover of EUR 45 million and a growth of 15% in 2014, strengthens its financial independence and reinforces its global corporate project throughout the commitment of key managers who contribute to its exceptional dynamism.
EUR45 million turnover in 2014; + 15% growth
25 new clients in 2014; + 15 new clients in Q1 2015
450 consultants, 130 hirings expected for 2015
Double-digit growth confirmed for 2015
Despite an IT Consulting market showing low growth rate (c.1% in 2014), mc²i Groupe confirms its double-digit growth goal for 2015 supported by two main drivers:
Reinforcing its historical expertise fields which currently cover all strategic business functions: HR, Finance and Treasury, Communication and Digital Strategy
mc²i Groupe pursues its leadership in HR IT Consulting, after a solid 10% growth in 2014, boosted by its Digital HR business unit, several migration projects and HR IT systems implementation.
Assisting clients in their digital transformation, providing them with dedicated high value-added vertical offerings: Banking and Insurance, Energy, Transportation, Healthcare, Public Services, Media and Telecommunication.
In 2015, the Group will pursue its innovation efforts with the development of a new offering dedicated to the Retail sector (dematerialization of payment, new challenges of the customer experience, etc.)
Arnaud Gauthier, CEO of mc²i Groupe, said:
“Our market – the IT Consulting market – is driven by three major trends: digital transformation within companies, which continues to be a growing trend and must permanently integrate the last technological innovations; regulatory changes, including French, European and international ones, that impact all sectors; reorganizations of our clients, enabling them to adapt to competition.
In this market, mc²i Groupe develops several unique advantages: strategic positioning focused on innovation, prestigious client references, high value-added offerings and solutions, dynamic commercial strategy, proximity management approach, ultra-selective recruitment process, rigorous financial management.
Thanks to this capital reorganization, associating approximately sixty directors and associated managers with the support of Indigo Capital France, we pursue our common corporate objective, ensuring the sustainability, the independence and the development of our Group for the upcoming years.”
Cyril de Galéa, Associate at Indigo Capital France, said:
“We have been seduced by the entrepreneurial project of mc²i management team, and we are pleased to support the Group in this new stage of its development while allowing the entire management team to enhance its stake in the capital. “
Virginie Lazès, Managing Partner at Bryan, Garnier & Co, said:
“We are pleased to have been able to accompany the management team of mc²i Groupe in this second capital reorganization transaction. The Group’s track record is really impressive. Its success is mainly due to the quality and the cohesion of its management team. Indigo Capital is a financial partner allowing them to take control of the capital and to pursue the development of the company. Structuring innovating equity solutions for growth companies is part of Bryan, Garnier and Co’s DNA.”
Alexandre Boukhari, Director at Bryan, Garnier & Co, said:
“Considering the rapidly changing IT Consulting market, we are pleased to have reconciled the objectives of the exiting shareholders with those of the management team to provide new development perspectives to the Group and its staff, but also to all mc²i clients.”
mc²i Groupe: Arnaud Gauthier, Nidal Alakl, Stéphane Hégédus, François Ranéa
Naxicap: Paul Moutinho, Cyrille Seydoux
Financial advisor: Bryan, Garnier & Co – Virginie Lazès | Managing Partner, Alexandre Boukhari| Director, Jonathan Foiret-Hurbin | Vice President
Legal advisor: Lamartine Conseil – Olivier Renault, Fabien Mauvais
Scotto & Associés – Nicolas Ménard Durand, Alexandra Perette
Vendor due diligence: Grant Thornton – Thierry Dartus, Damien Moron
Indigo: Cyril de Galéa, Monique Deloire, Laurent Arbona de Soler
Legal consulting: De pardieu : Jean-François Pourdieu, Matthieu Candia
Financial DD: Oderis : Thomas Claverie, Michel Banh
Strategic DD: Neovian – Giovanni di Francesco, Guillaume Rambaud
About mc²i Groupe
Since its creation in 1989, mc²i Groupe has been assisting major companies and administrations in the design and implementation of their Information Systems. mc²i Groupe has increased its revenues and built its success on three-fold expertise: professional, methodological and technological, which has enabled it to work on Information System consulting projects with high added value. mc²i Groupe’s range of services is defined by its seven sector-based offers (Banking and Insurance, Energy, Transportation, Healthcare and Social Security, Public Services, Media and Retail), three functional offers (Human Resources IT, Financial Management IT, Digital Strategy and CRM) and methodological approach (Business Intelligence, IT transformation, organizational transformation). mc²i Groupe relies on more than 450 consultants in France and owns prestigious references, covering all business sectors: banking, insurance, the public sector, energy, transport, culture and media, industry and services.
About Indigo Capital France
Indigo Capital France is an independent investment management firm specializing in the provision of mezzanine and junior capital to mid-market businesses. Indigo operates throughout Europe alongside the leading French and European private equity funds, or directly alongside corporate management teams and industrial companies in the financing of leveraged operations as well as in more complex transactions that require tailor-made financing. Since 1996, Indigo has arranged close to one hundred mezzanine or capital reorganization transactions.
Contact : Cyril de Galea –

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