Bryan, Garnier & Co advised Sculpteo, a pioneering champion in on-line 3d printing, in its Private Placement

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Paris, April 2nd 2015 – Bryan, Garnier & Co, the pan-European investment bank for growth companies, announced today the closing of a €5m fundraising for Sculpteo from XAnge, a major venture capital player, and Creadev, a Mulliez family holding company.
Founded in 2009, the start-up based in Paris and San Francisco has quickly become the international reference in online 3D printing. It has developed the best tools to make this production method easy and accessible to both professionals and individuals. Sculpteo is a platform operating online, mutualized 3D printing factories.
Founded by the team which started Inventel, a French company sold to Thomson in 2007, Sculpteo is positioned as a true alternative to traditional manufacturing with a 3D printing service capable of producing single units, small series and eventually larger series, using a range of materials. Sculpteo is also easily integrated into e-commerce and large audience websites wishing to offer 3D printing. Online 3D printing allows users to generate and convert digital files into real objects manufactured using 3D printing and delivered in record time.
Creadev invests in Sculpteo while XAnge increases its initial investment significantly. Five million Euros of new money is provided. Management keeps a majority stake in the business and will drive future growth. This fundraising allows Sculpteo to strengthen its industrial set-up and to enhance its global footprint. The company employs 50 people in Paris and San Francisco and plans to double its number of employees in 2016.
Cutting edge software tools and intuitive interfaces
Sculpteo’s R&D teams have developed a range of software tools (3D batch control, Hollowing, or FinalProof) which facilitate user experience and optimize cost. Online manufacturing has to be as smooth as possible. Sculpteo’s mobile App was awarded the Best Innovation price at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2013.
3D printing is an industrial revolution in the making
Sculpteo’s 3D printing cloud engine has struck several partnerships with leading operators such as Amazon, eBay, Auchan, Intermarché, La Poste, Orange… who market 3D manufactured objects using its solutions.
Factory in the cloud
Sculpteo, a cloud computing company, combines an online interface with a number of latest-generation 3D printers. Sculpteo offers high quality printing using a broad range of materials. Although Sculpteo’s solutions are used in prototyping, an increasing number of companies, such as Skoda, Hexadrone, Dassault Systemes, Knuckies, Withings among others, utilize 3D printing to produce small series. Audioquest has even moved to 3D large scale industrial manufacturing for its Audio Nighthawk listening device, which received the Best Innovation award at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas. Sculpteo provides access to online 3D manufacturing quickly and flexibly, at competitive rates.
Sculpteo is a world player
Online manufacturing relocates manufacturing closer to the end-user, championing a new industrial revolution. The start-up has clients throughout the world. It generates an excess of 50% of revenues outside of France, including 25% in the US.
Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo, stated: “3D printing fulfils the growing need to manufacture quickly and accurately objects which digital technologies allowed us to imagine on screen. This technology will no doubt become part of day-to-day industrial manufacturing”.
Eric Carreel, Chairman of Sculpteo commented: “We welcome XAnge’s increased investment and Creadev’s new commitment. Both are key players who have been able to build leading companies in the retail and logistics sectors”.
“We are pleased to announce the commitment of Creadev to an exceptional team of entrepreneurs who early-on became passionate about providing this major technology to as many people as possible”, added Florent Thomann, Director at Creadev.
“Since the beginning of our involvement in 2012, Sculpteo has demonstrated the relevance of 3D printing and succeeded in making this technology available to the public at large. Following the emergence period, 3D printing has become an essential part of the industry. As specialists in digital innovation, it was natural for our teams to support the company through this new development stage” said Cyril Bertrand, a member of the Executive Board of XAnge.
Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as an exclusive financial advisor to Sculpteo. The funds raised will allow the online factory to strengthen its industrial base, to boost growth and globalize its offering.
Philippe Patricot, Managing Director at Bryan, Garnier & Co, stated: « 3D printing is quickly gaining traction across many industrial sectors. It will no doubt become a major manufacturing technology in the coming years. This transaction confirms Bryan Garnier’s expertise in identifying high growth technologies early on and providing finance to the most promising companies».
David Serrero, Director, added: « Management’s vision and cohesion are key assets which will no doubt allow Sculpteo to consolidate its leadership position in the 3D printing sector».
For the past 18 years, Bryan, Garnier & Co has been one of the leading European placement agents for growth capital, with more than 50 transactions led, including late-stage venture, development stage financings, IPOs, follow-on offerings as well as PIPEs. In 2014, Bryan, Garnier & Co. led the €100m private placement for Mérieux NutriSciences, the largest European growth equity financing in the healthcare sector. Recent growth financing transactions led by Bryan, Garnier & Co include the €37m IPO of Bone Therapeutics on Euronext, the £100m IPO of Quantum Pharma on the LSE, the $133m IPO of DBV Technologies on Nasdaq, the €25m private placement for the software company Jahia, the €32m private placement for Cardio3 BioSciences, and the €37m A144 placement (PIPE) for Nicox.
About Creadev
Creadev is a French private equity company controlled by the Mulliez family with offices in Paris and Shanghai. Launched in 2002, Creadev teams up over the long term with entrepreneurs involved in ambitious projects in innovative areas with high growth potential. Creadev currently supports 12 investments for a total amount invested of € 500 million. Creadev is a highly flexible investor focused on 4 high potential and fulfilling investment areas: healthcare, environment, education and digital.
About XAnge
XAnge is a subsidiary of Banque Postale. It is registered with the AMF as a venture capital firm. The company is also registered with the AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager). XAnge has offices in France and Germany. It operates in two areas:
• Venture capital: It invests in innovative start-ups via XAnge Capital and FCPIs raised by Banque Postale
• Development Capital: It invests in SMEs to support growth and ownership changes.
Presence in the two leading continental European economies provides XAnge with additional clout in supporting investee companies. XAnge manages € 350 million.
About Sculpteo
Sculpteo is the pioneer of the upcoming industrial revolution generated by 3D printing. Sculpteo provides full online 3D printing services from the transfer of the 3D model to the ordering of the item. The goal is to make this technology easily available to as many people as possible. Based in Paris and San Francisco, Sculpteo offers 3D manufacturing on-demand and of scale to start-ups, SMEs and design studios. Sculpteo’s product line-up includes high-quality printing in 45 materials with multiple colours and finishing options. Services provided also include file analysis and fixing. Sculpteo’s factories utilize professional printers with rapid execution and global delivery. Sculpteo was founded in 2009 by Eric Carreel, Clement Moreau and Jacques Lewiner. Sculpteo brings to market a technology which impacts all industries.

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