Capital Raise Florealis

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February 2016 – Capital Raise Florealis

About the deal

In 2016 Bryan, Garnier & Co advised Florealis, a herbal medicine pharmaceutical company, on its second seed round.

The capital will help Florealis to develop a broad product portfolio and to grow the company’s distribution network. Entering an emerging market, with an easily scalable concept, Florealis aims to become the leading provider of herbaceuticals in EU within the next 10 years.

Deal team

Adalsteinn Johannsson | Partner | Reykjavik | Investment Banking |

Dadi Janusson | Director | Reykjavik | Investment Banking |

About Florealis

Florealis is a pharmaceutical company providing solutions for people that want to use high quality herbal medicinal products to stay healthy. Their medicines are natural products based on long experience as well as scientific evidence and are approved by European health authorities.

About The investor group

The investor group behind the investment consists of experts from the pharmaceutical industry and angel investors.

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