Capital Raise The Future Group

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December 2015 – Capital Raise The Future Group AS

About the deal

In 2015 Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as a placement agent to Future Group, a media technology company, on a B series funding round of NOK 75m.

The capital will help fund a territory roll-out and pilot season launch.

Deal team

Erik Furnes | Managing Director | Oslo | Investment Banking |

Ståle Schmidt | Managing Director | Head of Norway | Investment Banking |

Ole Magnus Broch Tenstad | Director | Oslo | Investment Banking |

About The Future Group

Future Group is a leading interactive mixed reality technology company providing tools for TV, broadcast and entertainment applications in virtual and augmented reality. The company introduces a combined TV, gaming and product experience within a social context, creating a new media platform with world-wide distribution.

About The investor group

The investor group behind the investment consists of institutional investors, family offices and a strategic partner.

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