Einride Bridge Loan

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October 2018 – Einride Bridge Loan

About the deal

In 2018 Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as sole financial advisor for Einride AB on a bridge loan of EUR 2m.

Deal team

Tor Berthelius | Partner | Stockholm | Investment Banking | tberthelius@bryangarnier.com

Anna Sundin | Director | Stockholm | Investment Banking | asundin@bryangarnier.com

About Einride

Einride is a Swedish intelligent transportation company based in Stockholm specialized on self-driving vehicles. They are known for creating the T-pod and the T-log, vehicles designed from the ground up for fully autonomous and remote operation.

About Lärarnas Riksförbund

Lärarnas Riksförbund (The National Union of Teachers in Sweden) is the only trade union in Sweden exclusively for qualified teachers, study advisors and vocational guidance offi­cers.

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