Majority acquisition of Advania

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September 2014 – Majority acquisition of Advania

About the deal

Bryan, Garnier & Co was the exclusive financial advisor to AdvInvest in a transaction to buy a majority stake in the Advania Group – a major Nordic IT consultancy company. Advania has annual revenues of more than 1,5 bSEK and over 1.100 employees, with operations in Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

The deal to acquire a majority stake in Advania hf. was originated and brokered by Bryan, Garnier & Co. The acquisition was one of the largest transactions in Iceland in recent years and presents a significant foreign direct investment in an Icelandic enterprise.

The transaction will enable AdvInvest to further strengthen Advania‘s operations, as well as support IEIF‘s task of revitalization of the Icelandic economy.

Deal team

Adalsteinn Johannsson | Partner | Reykjavik | Investment Banking |

Dadi Janusson | Director | Reykjavik | Investment Banking |

About Advania

Advania Hf, is an Iceland-based company that provides software, consulting, hardware, information technology operations, hosting, and data center services for corporate clients in the Nordic region.

About AdvInvest

AdvInvest is led by Thomas Ivarson and a group of Swedish investors with vast experience from the IT industry. The aim of the investment is to strengthen Advania’s core competence and use the investors’ network to further increase its presence in the Nordic market. The transaction was financed by Nordic Mezzanine which also participated with an equity stake along the buyer group.

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