Minority stake acquired in Korta

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December 2018 – Minority stake acquired in Korta

About the deal

In 2018 Bryan, Garnier & Co assisted Bull Hill Capital in acquiring a miniority stake in the Icelandic payment services company Korta Pay.

Deal team

Adalsteinn Johannsson | Partner | Reykjavik | Investment Banking | ajohannsson@bryangarnier.com

Henrik Foyn-Laukvik | Vice President | Oslo | Investment Banking | hfoynlaukvik@bryangarnier.com

Nicoleta Rosu-Brekko | Associate | Oslo | Investment Banking | nrosubrekko@bryangarnier.com

Bodil Erdal | Associate | Oslo | Investment Banking | berdal@bryangarnier.com

About Bull Hill Capital

Bull Hill Capital is a privately held investment company focusing on supporting talent and businesses globally. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company invests throughout Europe and US in all things tech.

About Korta

Korta Pay is a payment Service provider and operates in the field of acquiring and payment services. Along with handling the complete payment service and acquiring process for VISA and MasterCard transactions, Korta Pay handles technical setups and connections, authorizations, data delivery, merchant service, billing and settlements. Korta Pay also partners with Verifone in order to supply the merchant with suitable POS terminals and maintenance service. Online payments are simple and convenient through either the Korta Pay Payment Gateway connection or the readily available Korta Pay WebPayments i-frame solution.

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