Numericable-SFR completed the acquisition of stakes in Numergy

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Paris, December 09th 2015 – French telecom group Numericable-SFR completed the acquisition of stakes in Numergy held by Caisse des Dépôts (33%) and Atos (20%).
Created in 2012, Numergy is a French company which designs, builds and operates a leading cloud computing platform in the public IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) market. It offers secure, powerful, and competitive public & hybrid cloud computing services to small, medium, and large private companies as well as public organizations and guarantees the high availability of its infrastructure while keeping data located on the French territory.
Pierre Ruaud, Director at Bryan, Garnier & Co, comments “This transaction demonstrates the strong commitment of Bryan Garnier & Co’s team and its unrivalled position within the technology space. We are proud of having advised Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations in the restructuring of Numergy’s capital alongside the Numericable-SFR group to help the company enter a new phase of its development.”
About Numergy
Created in September 2012, Numergy is a company specialized in the construction and exploitation of cloud computing infrastructures (IaaS) for France and Europe. Its mission: provide businesses (small, medium, and large companies ETI) and public organizations secure computing resources, efficient and competitive. Numergy warrants and undertakes the high availability of its infrastructure but also on the location of data on the French territory.
About Numericable Group
Numericable Group is the sole major cable operator in France. It operates using a very high-speed fibre network infrastructure, serving three segments: B2C, B2B and wholesale. The group benefits from highly advanced technology and relies on a powerful infrastructure which operates as one network serving each of its three segments. Numericable is currently the market leader of the nascent very-high-speed broadband market in France, with around 50% market share (only 8% of French households had very-high-speed internet access in2012). In its B2C segment, the group operates under the Numericable brand name. It offers customers a wide range of products and services including pay TV, high-speed and very-high-speed broadband Internet access, and fixed-line and mobile telephony. In itsB2B segment, the group operates under the Completel brand name, as the first largest alternative operator in terms of FTTO (Fiber To The Office). In 2013, Numericable Group generated combined revenues of 1.3 billion euros.

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