Bryan, Garnier & Co. GmbH advised OnePhone Germany on its Sale to Voiceworks

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Munich, February 9th, 2015 – Bryan, Garnier & Co. GmbH (former Cartagena Capital) has advised the shareholders of OnePhone Germany, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (“MVNO”), in the sale process. The Company was acquired by Netherlands-based Voiceworks.

Voiceworks, the fast-growing VoIP and web technology specialist, is achieving success in the telecom world with its corporate Unified Communications (“UC”) and fixed-mobile-integration services from the cloud. The acquisition of OnePhone Germany is an important step for Voiceworks and ensures local presence in Düsseldorf, while also providing for broader reach throughout Germany.

Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks, remarked: “more and more companies understand the benefits of cloud telephony; it is fast, scalable, requires no initial investment and is easy to integrate with mobile telephony. OnePhone shares this vision. We see great opportunities for our services and our market approach in Germany. Through this acquisition, we are making an important step in our expansion abroad.”

Cartagena Capital has been supporting OnePhone since the start of the process. We were impressed with their commitment and reach to potential acquirers, both in Germany and beyond,” commented Kent Sander, Chairman, OnePhone Holding.

About OnePhone Germany 

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, OnePhone Germany provides SMEs in Germany with smart, fully-integrated telephony solutions based on the seamless integration of fixed and mobile telephony from the cloud. The Company is directly connected to the E-Plus/O2 network, and offers a unique proposition to the German market through its use of pico- and femtocells to provide indoor coverage. Select OnePhone customers include Compass, Medica and Kopp. Prior to its acquisition by Voiceworks, OnePhone Germany was a subsidiary of KPN OnePhone Holding.

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