PCI Biotech ASA Equity Issue

PCI Biotech_tombstone_Jan17
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January 2017 – PCI Biotech ASA Equity Issue

About the deal

In 2017 Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as sole manager in a fully underwritten rights issue for PCI Biotech, raising gross proceeds of NOK 70m.

Deal team

Erik Furnes | Managing Director | Oslo | Investment Banking | efurnes@bryangarnier.com

Rolf Henning Lem | Director | Oslo | Investment Banking | rlem@bryangarnier.com

Håkon Benjaminsen | Director | Oslo | Investment Banking | hbenjaminsen@bryangarnier.com

About PCI Biotech

PCI Biotech is a cancer focused biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic products based on its proprietary photochemical internalization (PCI) technology. The PCI technology works by inducing triggered endosomal release and may be used to unlock the true therapeutic potential of a wide array of modalities. PCI Biotech is listed at Oslo Børs.

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