Private Placement OncoImmunity AS

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July 2018 – Private Placement OncoImmunity AS

About the deal

In 2018 Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as sole manager for the NOK 60 million Share Placement in OncoImmunity.

The proceeds will be used to further commercialize OncoImmunity’s neoantigen prediction SaaS software and will allow the company to scale up its sales and R&D organization.

Deal team

Erik Furnes | Managing Director | Oslo | Investment Banking |

Rolf Henning Lem | Director | Oslo | Investment Banking |

About OncoImmunity

OncoImmunity is a machine-learning company offering proprietary technology to address the key knowledge gaps in the prediction of bone fide immunogenic neoantigens for personalized cancer immunotherapy. OncoImmunity’s software facilitates effective patient selection for cancer immunotherapy, and identifies optimal neoantigen targets for truly personalized cancer vaccines & cell therapies in a clinically actionable time-frame.

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