Universum AB sold to Step Stone (Axel Springer)

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May 2018 – Universum AB sold to Step Stone (Axel Springer)

About the deal

In 2018 Bryan, Garnier & Co was retained by the owners of Universum Communications to evaluate strategic options to continue developing the company and specifically accelerating growth internationally.

A sale process was initiated directed at global leaders within HR technology. A limited number of parties were short-listed with which the company entered negotiations. Axel Springer (Germany) and its subsidiary Stepstone was finally selected and the deal was closed in May 2018 selling 100% of the shares.

Deal team

Tor Berthelius | Partner | Stockholm | Investment Banking | tberthelius@bryangarnier.com

Trygve Ugelstad | Managing Director | Oslo | Investment Banking | tugelstad@bryangarnier.com

Ole Magnus Broch Tenstad | Director | Oslo | Investment Banking | otenstad@bryangarnier.com

Henrik Foyn-Laukvik | Vice President | Oslo | Investment Banking | hfoynlaukvik@bryangarnier.com

About Universum Communications

Universum Communications is a leader in employer branding with 2,000 corporate clients around the world including IBM, Microsoft and Facebook. The company delivers the critical talent market insights, winning brand strategies and compelling, story-led communication businesses need to compete more effectively for talent.

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