Educational Horizons

PARIS ­| May 27th, 2024 – Bryan Garnier is pleased to release “Educational Horizons”, an in-depth analysis exploring the dynamic landscape of modern education and unveils the trends that are reshaping how we learn and teach. 

This paper takes a close look at the major factors affecting education today, how education services are growing and changing, and increasing attention from regulators.

We also dive into three specific areas: 

  • Learning Management Systems: Learn about the latest advancements in digital learning platforms 
  • Healthcare Education: Explore the unique challenges and opportunities in educating healthcare professionals 
  • Digital careers Programs: Get a glimpse into initiatives preparing individuals for digital careers 

Within this white paper, we look at private equity investments as investors are favouring build-ups, and at how publicly traded education companies are faring on the stock market. The report provides a full picture of what is happening in education today. 

To dive deep into this topic and discover more about education as a diverse and dynamic sector of the future, download the white paper.

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Yizhi Long

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