Marquetis & Co is a leading independent French media and digital agency, fully-owned by its founders and management team since its inception in 1996.

Advised by Bryan, Garnier & Co, the company announces the completion of a capital reorganization. This operation allows Virginie Massa, Co-founder and CEO, to reinforce her position as reference shareholder while also supporting the continued growth of the company, both organically and through targeted build-ups.

Marquetis & Co provides clients with strategic marketing, creative, digital and operational services. The company has continually expanded its footprint and customer base, mainly working with large accounts such as Audi, Burger King, eBay, PPG, Renault.

Since inception and after two subsequent in-house LBO operations, Marquetis & Co achieves a significant step-up with its third buy-out led by Omnes, alongside the company’s historic financing partners (BNP and Neuflize OBC).

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About Marquetis & Co

Marquetis & Co is a 360° marketing agency with proven expertise in digital and media services. Originally focused on the automotive sector with large accounts such as Renault and Nissan, Marquetis & Co progressively diversified its customers base while leveraging its ability to answer to large accounts needs. Established for over 22 years, Marquetis & Co is built around 4 independent and complementary pillars – Marquetis One, Marquetis Call, Marquetis Connect and Networks Technology.

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About Omnes

Omnes Capital is a leading Paris-based European investor in private equity and infrastructure. With €3.6 billion of assets under management, Omnes Capital provides SMEs with the capital needed to finance growth. The firm has dedicated investment teams across three key areas: Venture Capital, Buyout & Growth Capital and Infrastructure. Omnes Capital is owned by its employees.

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