Founded in 2011, Blueberry Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development company focused on creating innovative “nanomedicines” which enhance the delivery of drugs into cells and tissues.

The team focuses on nanomedicines specifically adapted for difficult to treat skin and nail conditions such as; fungal nail infections, athlete’s foot, acne and eczema.

In order to capitalize on growing market demand, management of Blueberry Therapeutics recognized the need to seek external financing in order to fund its development programme for the treatment of these skin problems.

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About Blueberry Therapeutics

Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd, founded in November 2011, is a drug discovery and development company focused on developing innovative nanomedicines for difficult to treat skin and nail conditions. The company is using its state of the art nano-formulation technology to develop high-value medicines where a reduced dose and improved drug delivery is needed, to overcome existing tolerability and safety profile concerns. Blueberry Therapeutics combines expert in-house resources with selected outsource partners and collaborators to take projects from preclinical research into de-risked human clinical proof of concept and then on to the market.

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