CMN has become the leading private practice dedicated to nuclear medicine in France through creation and acquisitions of centers

In order to strengthen the nuclear medicine specialty and make it more accessible, CMN has designed an impactful medical project with a strong focus on innovation, quality and accessibility of care

Operating four centers in the Paris region and about to open the first private nuclear medicine center in Paris, the shareholders were keen to benefit from their first-mover advantage to partner with a private equity fund to help them accelerating the development of the company

After a competitive process, the eight physicians shareholders have decided to team up with MBO & Co and will retain the majority of the capital

This fundraising will then allow CMN to pursue an ambitious medical project to provide patients with easier access to nuclear medicine throughout France, while ensuring a consistent quality of service and care.

About CMN

CMN was founded in 1994 by two physicians shareholders with the first center located in Pontault-Combault (77).

Today, the company is the leading private practice dedicated to nuclear medicine in France own by 8 physicians shareholders. CMN has four centers in the Paris region (Champigny sur Marne, Meaux, Melun and Jossigny) and diagnosed over 35,000 patients in 2021.

Additionally, CMN will operate in 2022 the first private nuclear medicine center in Paris, within the Hôpital Privé des Peupliers, to meet the high demand from physicians and patients.

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About MBO & Co

MBO & Co manages €750 million dedicated to capital investment in SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises valued between €20 million and €150 million and invests in ambitious development and transformation projects, arising from transmission operations or to strengthen the company’s capital.

MBO & Co partners with committed entrepreneurs, to whom it provides strategic guidance, operational efficiency, and organizational improvement, with the common goal of combining sustainable growth and long-term optimization of value creation.

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