Wandercraft is offering back mobility to impaired person. The company is at the cross-roads of AI and Robotics and HealthTech. It has taken exoskeletons to the next level with a rare combination of deep tech robotics built around AI and proprietary motion algorithms allowing the company to bring the first self-balanced exoskeleton to the market. Having started to sell into the rehabilitation market, Wandercraft’s ultimate target is the replacement of the wheelchair with a commercial and affordable personal mobility solution. Exoskeletons have the potential to change for the better the lives of millions of people

Most of this new round of financing will be used by Wandercraft to fulfil the company’s mission of “mobility for all”, through the continued development, then launch, of the new Personal Exoskeleton for outdoor and home use. The funding will also allow Wandercraft to accelerate the deployment of Atalante, its pioneering CE marked rehabilitation exoskeleton, in the US

About Wandercraft

Wandercraft was founded in 2012. A group of engineers refused to accept the status quo of wheelchair use, believing they could create a better solution for mobility and autonomy. Wandercraft builds autonomous walking exoskeletons. Its first version, Atalante, was commercialized in 2019 and is used by rehabilitation and neurological hospitals in Europe and North America. Atalante provides innovative care for many patients based on realistic, hands-free, crutch-free locomotion.

Wandercraft is developing a personal version of the exoskeleton for outdoor and home use. It will enable people with reduced mobility to regain autonomy in their daily activities and improve their health, both at home and elsewhere.

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