Founded in 2013, ECIT has grown organically and by acquisition. During the past five years, ECIT has acquired close to 100 companies in the Nordic countries, becoming a regional business process outsourcing (BPO) player.

The Group consists of medium-sized accounting and IT companies that offer a variety of services in payroll, accounting, hosting and IT services. ECIT is present in four countries and employs 1,200 people.

The acquisition of IT-Hantverkarna will enable ECIT to further strengthen its presence in the Nordic region. IT-Hantverkarna merged with Fortner in 2017 to become a local Swedish BPO player within accounting, payroll and IT services. With its acquisition of IT-Hantverkarna, ECIT completes the full acquisition of Fortner AB, the first part of which was completed in August 2019.


About ECIT

ECIT Group consists of medium-sized accounting and IT companies that provide BPO services. The Group has grown into a Nordic BPO player after acquiring close to 100 companies during the last five years, and offers services such as accounting, payroll management and information technology hosting services in the region.

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About IT-Hantverkarna Sverige AB (part of Fortner)

IT-Hantverkarna is part of Fortner AB, a Swedish provider of financial consultancy services designed to assist companies with accounting, billing, payroll and tax.

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