BlueBee is a Netherlands-based SaaS provider of cloud-based genomics data analysis solutions.

BlueBee serves pharmaceutical companies, assay providers and instrument manufacturers as well as government-funded research initiatives, in Europe and the US.

In order to accelerate BlueBee’s platform adoption, the Company contemplated either a sizeable fundraising or a synergetic M&A deal.

US-based DNA sequencing world-leader Illumina recognized the value of BlueBee’s technology and decided to integrate it to its own solution through the acquisition of the Company.


About BlueBee

BlueBee is a global bioinformatics software solutions provider offering fit-for-purpose configurability on its BlueBee Genomics Platform. BlueBee data analysis solutions serve to analyze, interpret, report, and learn from aggregated data, for research and diagnostic assay manufacturers, high-throughput service providers, large project initiatives, and biopharma.

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