Astrocast is a global pioneer in Satellite IoT connectivity and has developed a nanosatellite constellation together with low-power modules to efficiently connect millions of IoT devices across the globe at a disruptive price.

The demand for IoT is exploding all over the world, but current satellite solutions do not properly address IoT needs across the 90% of the world’s surface that is not covered by traditional cellular networks. The potential for IoT in these remote areas is very significant, with more than 30 million low-power satellite-connected devices expected by 2025.

Astrocast has developed an infrastructure combining nanosatellites and miniaturized modules/antennae that is optimized for IoT connectivity in terms of cost, availability, form factor and power consumption. This technical breakthrough has been enabled by early technology development choices and key industrial partnerships with Airbus, CEA/LETI, the European Space Agency (ESA) and Tier 1 satellite operator Thuraya.

In addition to its state-of-the-art connectivity solution, the company has secured commercial access to the L-Band spectrum, which enables the company to operate its commercial service across the globe.

Astrocast has 12 satellites up and running in space. The company is the category leader in low-power satellite connectivity and the sole player in a position to commercially offer this service today.

About Astrocast

Founded in 2014, Astrocast is a satellite operator deploying a disruptive global nanosatellite constellation to connect millions of IoT devices in remote areas at ultra-low cost.

Astrocast provides a low-power and very small satellite terminal which makes it possible to connect and track any devices at a fraction of the price of current satellite-based solutions, and with broader coverage than other terrestrial IoT alternatives. Together with Airbus and CEA-Let, the company has co-developed a specific chip and communication protocol based on L-Band, and has developed its own satellite platform in-house to further reduce infrastructure costs. The technology is proven, with 12 satellites already in orbit, and the company has secured commercial access to the L-Band spectrum that enables the company to provide its communication service across the globe.

The company is meeting strong demand validated by pilot customers through various use cases covering logistics, agritech, smart metering, asset monitoring and maritime applications. With such a disruptive offering, Astrocast is aiming to provide mass access to satellite telecommunication in remote areas and countries that could not necessarily afford this technology today. The company is involved with NGOs and environmental companies to provide solutions that could materially impact our environment and help to make better use of natural resources.

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