With this acquisition Innothera meets its mid-term plan ambition to double its medical devices revenues to €110m and reaches €250m in overall revenues. The transaction will also strengthen the group’s innovation capabilities.

The combination of these two companies, symbols of "Made in France" with strong histories and presences in the country, will create a champion among the top 3 players in the French market for compression therapy and small orthopaedics shoes.

INNOTHERA will capitalize on the broadest product portfolio, driven by strong flagship brands including Gibaud, SmartLeg and Legger.



INNOTHERA is a centennial, French family-owned and independent pharmaceutical group founded in 1913. Since 1986, the group has been led by Arnaud Gobet, the founder's grandson, and has undergone strategic diversification through organic, international, external and sustained growth. Since its inception, the INNOTHERA group has been dedicated to its mission of treating daily pathologies. The INNOTHERA Group develops, produces and distributes innovative drugs and medical devices organized into 5 therapeutic areas: venous diseases, gynaecology, nutritional deficiencies, infectious diseases and hospital hygiene. The group is present in more than 100 countries whose markets are supplied by its two French factories, one dedicated to the manufacture of medicines and the second to the manufacture of Compression Therapy products. Its headquarters are located in Arcueil (Paris).


About Gibaud

Since 1890, French company GIBAUD has woven a unique range of care textiles dedicated to the health of the whole family. Over the years, GIBAUD has specialized in orthopaedics, elastic venous compression and podiatry. GIBAUD launched its elastic venous compression activity in 1998 and acquired Tournier Bottu International (TBI) in 2002. In 2015, GIBAUD launched a medical range for the daily care of sensitive feet and quickly became an important player in this market. GIBAUD develops and markets innovative and natural orthopaedic, leg and foot care solutions, complementary to medicines, for healthcare professionals: pharmacies, orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals. GIBAUD care is the result of constant innovation, with 37 patents since 2001. Gibaud has 360 employees, and is located in France on two sites in Saint-Etienne (Loire) and Trévoux (Ain).

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