Sogetrel designs, deploys and maintains network infrastructures and digital communication systems. Founded in 1985, the Company has become a key player in the field of high-speed internet and the preferred partner for the main telecom operators (public and private) and local and regional authorities.

In addition to the deployment of high-speed networks, Sogetrel also integrates security systems and digital solutions for its public and private clients. Furthermore, the Company is an active player in smart-city networks roll-out.

Since 2016, Sogetrel has significantly grown, both organically and externally. By the end of 2018, the Company expects to achieve a turnover of €450 million (€250 million in 2015) with 4,000 employees (2,200 in 2015).

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About Sogetrel

Founded in 1985, Sogetrel is a leading French player in communications network installation and system integration. The company has become a key partner of the major public and private operators and local authorities, particularly in the rollout of ultra-high broadband networks. Sogetrel is also a major player in the field of communicating solutions (electronic security, connected objects, and machine-to-machine applications). The rollout of the Gazpar smart meter for Grdf (Engie Group) stands out as one of its latest successes.
With an estimated turnover of more than €450 million in 2018, Sogetrel employs a staff of 4,000 in France, Belgium and Switzerland across 80 locations. The headquarter is located in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris.

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About Latour Capital

Latour Capital is a leading Paris-based investor in private equity. With more than €400 million of assets under management, Latour Capital provides SMEs with the capital needed to finance growth. Latour Capital is owned by its employees.

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